‘Peter White – Bardfiled Artist’

Exhibition ran May 31st – June 22nd 2019

Curation of an exhibition of Peter’s work in oil, watercolour, linocut and stained glass, from student days to the present. Inspired by his days working as a printing assistant to the artists of Great Bardield, Michael Rothenstein and Edward Bawden. Included are pieces by artists of Bardfield, including friends and family. The aim; to bring them together in a collection and celebration of Peters life and work.

The Minories Gallery, Colchester, Essex


‘Masters’ – University of Suffolk

31 August – 6 September 2017

Curation of an exhibition of ten artists work as part of the ‘Masters in Art Practice’ MA course at University of Suffolk. The show comprised of individual ‘zones’ for each artist across two rooms, using a free standing modular exhibition system.

Waterfront Gallery, Suffolk University

‘Resident’ – Space Studios

30 June – 31 July 2017

As the first exhibition in the building (37 Queen Street, Colchester,) it requires a leap of faith by people to leave there work in a public area, some have issues with this, I try to talk them through the process. Not helped by the fact that some of the contributors have probably never worked on a curated show so have no idea how to interact with a curator, their purpose or the fact that the show is the vision of the curator.

Foyer, [  Space  ] 37 Queen Street, Colchester

‘Artists Rooms’ – Prettys Solicitors

14 July – 30 February 2017

An exhibition of 14 artists (and 4 performance pieces at a private view) for Prettys Solicitors in Ipswich 2017. Each artist was allocated a room or space in the building in which their work was displayed – much thought was given to reflecting the spaces and the work, whilst working within the remit of a lisited building where limited alterations could be made.

Prettys Solicitors, Ipswich, Suffolk