I originally spoke to the curator at Ipswich Museum when I went to interview her for my third module about the possibility of working on a project with public engagement for the up and coming Paolizzi Exhibition.

I followed this up in my current module, by speaking with the roaming artist in residence, and completed the artist in residence application when it was released, I was already aware from discussion with her that there was a position for an artist in residence, alongside a set of public workshop possibilities, and it was these that I was interested in.

The opportunity to follow up my research on working collaboratively with the public to create work..

The workshop is an all-day drop in with a break for lunch and open to all 7+ and adults.

I am hoping to do some photos of animals and elements in the museum, reducing them to mono in photoshop and printing them for people to cut out and colour. I am also considering using some recycled materials I shall go out and find, after seeing Robert Rauschenberg I am thinking cardboard boxes and food packaging, small items like toys that can be included, maybe boxes to mount the items in if i can source them.

I will be taking the workshop all day on the 4th of February 2017 and it is open to the public (book in advance via Ipswich Art School/Museum.)